During the year, I exhibit at a number of exhibitions or "Shows

This one of the better shows and is sponsored by Indiana Artisans. I am honored to be a member. It is in the west pavilion of the Indiana State fairgrounds and features over a hundred Indiana Artists and craftsmen who have been selected for their excellence. The show is unique in that Indiana food and wine producers also showcase their wares and visitors to the show are able to sample wines and foods produced in Indiana. Also, a number of Kentucky artists and food producers are also on hand. Indiana Artisans has patterned itself after the very successful Kentucky program that has been in existence for nearly thirty years.

Twenty-first annual open house during the Lapel Village Fair July 8-9, 2016
I will have my annual open house during the Lapel Village fair. Special deals on my one of a kind handmade rustic willow furniture and accessories. My leather working buddy Joe Green will have his authentic handmade leather possible bags that he makes from leather scraps that are too small for me to use.

Art fair on the Square, Noblesville Courthouse Square Saturday August 6, 2016. The Nickel Plate boys will have a group exhibit in three combined booths.

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