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I do not have a catalog with item numbers and corresponding prices. My items are one of a kind and so each piece is individually priced, but they do fall into a basic range.

Chairs are 200$; Loveseats are 300$; Swings range from 250$-400$ depending upon size.

Tables range from 60$-600$.I produce a whole range of tables from very small to dining room size. Square rectangular, round, oval. End tables, coffee tables, console tables, demilune tables, willow inlaid tables, solid wood topped tables as well as a complete line of tables with John Bundy finished tiger maple tops. I have probably a hundred different tables at any given time and so it is impossible to come up with a hard and fast price list.

Vases covered with birchbark, leather and fabric run from 20$-75$.

Stools with foam covered with fabric or leather Ron from 40$-400$.

Painted stools with emameled tops run from 30$-100$.

Picture frames are in standard 5x7, 8x10,11x14, 16x20, 20x30 with various size surrounds covered with birchbark, leather, cowhide and fabric are available, with prices ranging from 40$ to 200$.

Screens are available in many sizes ranging from 100$- 400$.

Headboards run from 200$-1000$, from twin to canopy size.

I make a variety of pussy willow holders, round blocks of hickory or white birch with 12-16 holes to hold pussywillows which run from 8$-20$.

I make baskets from willow that run from 20$-100$.
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