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Rooting willows

All species of willow can be propagated very easily from stems cut from live trees or from the bunches you purchase here at the Flower and Patio Show.
Both corkscrew willow and pussy willow can be propagated by simply pushing them into the ground as far as you can. They can also be rooted in pots and then transplanted. Some people like to put them in a vessel of water so they can see the roots grow and then planting them in the ground, but this requires that the water be changed frequently. I have more luck with putting them directly in the ground where I want them to grow.

It is important to remember that pussy willow and curly willow require full sun and prefer a wetter spot, but they are not very picky. Remember that they are very fast growing and will become LARGE trees up to fifty feet tall. Use care not to plant them under power lines or too close to buildings.

To enjoy them as a natural decorative element in your home, it is NOT necessary to put them in water. Arranging them in your vase is all that is needed. They will dry naturally and last for years and years.

Putting them in water will cause them to root, but they will also cause the leaves to emerge and the pussywillow catkins to flower and fall off.

During the spring, I harvest willow and have pussywillow and corkscrew willow and have an abundance of sticks available for free that you can plant to have your own tree!
If you have further questions about your willows, email me at

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