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Beginning in 1983, I decided that I would try to bring my passion for the natural world to the public. I began by making grapevine wreaths and willow baskets and selling them at local markets. I was contacted by some representatives of some East coast folk art shows and began showing rustic furniture at shows throughout the east coast.

This built my confidence, and though I do not travel to these markets as I once did, my success there has allowed me to pursue my craft on a more local level.

I determined that I would pursue the idea of bringing the outdoors inside, and that idea drives me to this day. I have not aspired to win prizes or become famous, but I do hope to have my work embellish homes throughout the country and hopefully enrich my customer's lives by the presence of natural items in their everyday lives. I believe that most people's lives are deficient in awareness of the natural world.

I maintain my shop in Lapel with regular hours in which patrons can visit, purchase items, or discuss a custom project or installations. I focus upon items which utilize recycled wood, leather, fabric and leather. I hate to see waste, which is so prevalent in our world. We have been overwhelmed by cheap poorly designed and constructed items from abroad. There seem to be two types of people: those who are hoping to have the same thing their neighbors have, or those who want something different. My items are handmade in America.

I do emphasize one of a kind items and attempt to craft pieces to match the individual.
I work every day and make weekly forays to gather materials to recycle into something that just might appeal to you.

I invite you to visit my shop in Lapel, Indiana, and hope you can find an item to place in your home.
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