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Monday, January 9, 2017

Welcome to Willow by Greg Adams

As a result of my appearance on Handcrafted America I am anticipating an interest in my creations. In these days of free shipping through Amazon, I regret that I cannot compete with free shipping. I have to pay to box and ship my products, which is quite reasonable for small to moderate sized items, but it is largely prohibitively expensive for large items such as chairs, loveseats and swings. These larger items CAN be shipped but shipping expense is determined by weight, volume and distance. Shipping can be estimated and I can provide you with a price to deliver any item.

My business has been largely local, with customers coming to my shop and picking out and taking items with them. I am able to provide delivery for larger items LOCALLY. Long distance shipping of large items usually becomes too expensive.

I do not accept credit cards, but I can accept checks.
My hope is that more local customers will visit my shop in Lapel and I will be able to ship small items to people throughout the country.

I can make any of my products to your dimensions, but it is far quicker to purchase what I have on hand.

During a normal week my shop is open 11-5 Wednesday through Saturday. You can see what I am working on if you visit, as my workshop is adjacent to my showroom.
My blog has a selection of Pages you can visit that detail different products.
I am available by phone at my shop at 765-534-3009 or my cell at 317-645-7149 (you can text to this number)
My email is

I look forward to meeting new people and accepting new challenges to complete your project.
Please browse through my Pages and my blog to see what I have to offer.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

End of the year

The solstice always makes me think of the past year and the year to come. This pastyear has seen challenging projects that have moved me out of my comfort zone and they have been very successful.
I now have a trapezoidal walnut dining table for sale on display in my shop that I never would have dreamed of attempting.
In a month, I will be featured in a highly regarded National series Handcrafted America on January 20th at 9:30 pm. It remains to be seen if this will have an effect upon my commercial success.
Winter slows the number of visitors to my shop and I have been concentrating on using up some of the materials I have on hand to turn raw wood into finished works. I am right now working on small picture frames to use up plywood and birchbark.
I have been staying close to the fire these last few cold days.
I have completed a group of small spalted maple and walnut boxes from wood left over from a a harvest table I completed last year. I just finished a coffee table from wood left over from my first trapezoidal table that will be delivered before Christmas.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Bundy Ducks signature event at Noblesville Cabelas 2016

December 9-10-11 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday my friend John Bundy will have his wonderful Duck Decoys for sale at a signature event at Cabelas in Noblesville.
While his ducks are always on display at the Bundy Grill inside Cabelasin Noblesville, they are not available for sale.

At this event, John will have his decoys available for sale and they make wonderful Christmas gifts. He will be personalizing purchases with his signature. These carved decoys are famous throughout the world and you will be able to hang out with this fascinating Indiana Artisan. John is an avid hunter and fisherman and has great stories.
Many species of ducks in many different woods and finishes will be on display and available.He has been hard at work these last few weeks making a series of spalted maple ducks that are some of his best.
I know John will have a great display and it will be well worth your while to stop by the Noblesville Cabela's at the Hamilton Town Center.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Small business Saturday

Although I try to stay away from the cultural stampede that has become the norm for holidays is our world, I do embrace the pragmatic idea of Small Business Saturday. I try to promote ALL small businesses throughout the year and not just simultaneously in unison with everyone else once a year. Our world has been dominated for several years by the Presidential elections and Black Friday seems to have been looming over us for months. It is all so wearisome. It points out how much the media invests in attempting to manipulate us.

I look forward to Groundhog day, the only holiday that has not been overly commercialized.

At any rate, I have been working in the shop on finishing twenty new stools and I have just completed three new clocks. I will be finishing up a new group of end tables and trying to use up the willows that have been clogging things up.

I had the privilege of having Thanksgiving at my stepson Scotts on his newly delivered table that he had me produce. It was wonderful to see the family react to the tableland it took me all the way through the cycle of creating a piece and them using it.

I will be offering good deals to people who come to my shop on Small business Saturday, but I try to do that everyday. I will be even more generous during this holiday season.

Monday, November 7, 2016

New upholstered stools

This last week I used some maple saplings rescued from the chipper to produce a run of 20 new stools. I was driving along and saw the crew of the power line cutting guys cutting some maple saplings that I had had my eye on
for several years and they had cut them as they were growing directly under the power lines. They allowed me to take what i wanted. They very efficiently chipped up the rest with their powerful machinery.

Normally I depend upon my buddy Bob McClintock to help me cut maple saplings in midwinter, but this was too good to pass up and I am glad to save something so clearly from the chipper. In addition, I was out of the size saplings I needed for stools and these were perfect.

This run of stools used up 80 maple legs, 40 pieces of plywood and twenty pieces of fabric that had been inert in storage in my shop.I love bringing the saved plywood and fabric into completed new stools.

At the same time, I received a call from Liz Dillon from the Small Mall who wanted me to bring her more stools!
It feels good to be on target with production.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

New inlaid Star tables

At the Hoosier Homecoming Bicentennial celebration at the Statehouse in Indianapolis, I began a new run of inlaid star tables. These tables have been very popular over the years, but I have been out of them for some time. They do take considerably more time and are consequently more expensive, but they are among the best work I have done. The many small pieces and precise angled cuts make them a real challenge. This run will be of eight or so 26-27 inch diameter tables in various heights.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Walnut table delivered

Recently I delivered my latest walnut table to a family who hired me to build it from boards cut from a hundred twenty year old walnut tree that was cut down on their property.
With the help of several burly guys we got the top out of my van, through the door and onto the base. The finish makes the already beautiful wood glow like a jewel. It is very gratifying to complete such a project. The family is very happy with the final result. I really enjoyed the challenge of turning a tree into a piece of fine furniture. I particularly enjoyed the interaction with the family as we settled upon a design and moved toward completion. It looks really good in their home.
I have had several other people who saw this table in my shop order an identical table. With the help of my wood savvy friend John Bundy, I was able to purchase some suitable walnut lumber from a family owned sawmill in northern Indiana.