Picture frames

Since I have been able to obtain white birchbark from my buddy Brad McQueen of Hickory Designs, I have been making picture frames. I have a number that I have done for him , and I have done some on my own that reflect the width of birch bark I am able to salvage. Some have a very slim profile, but I really like the wider ones. My customers seem to really like the wider frames.

I do standard sizes, 5x7, 8x10,11x14,16x20,20x30 as well as any custom sizes you might need. I have done some with cowhide, with the hair on, leather, with it off and corkscrew willow. I have used antique upholstery nails to trim them out. I know of no one else who does frames as I do. I lap joint my frames with high quality glue and multiple nailings that make these frames extremely durable and strong.

If you want a picture frame that will last a hundred years, my frames are for you. Please contact me at willowbygregadams@gmail.com, or visit my shop, where I have a large selection of frames already made up.

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