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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spring buzzard

Buzzards (or vultures) are among the first signs of spring. I just saw one over the quarries along Gray road and 106 th street. I already saw redwings and Sandhills last week. Despite the fact that it is very cold today with a harsh wind, spring is near.I saw a large number of scaups on Geist reservoir on Wednesday.
In just a few weeks I will begin to cut pussy willows. The corkscrew willow crop is all bundled up. The limbs are still outside, but they are ready to be incorporated into new furniture pieces. The milder weather has brought more people into the shop. In three weeks John Bundy, Geoff Davis, and Bruce Neckar will set up at Linton as a part of the Marsh Madness event for Goose pond. Last year whooping cranes and pelicans were spotted. Birders from all over the aea will be on hand.
The art show features a number of wildlife related arts and crafts. I have learned that another friend, Paul VanDuyn will be there also. He does exotic glass hummingbird feeders that he makes from antique glasswear. After a day of birding, you can join us and purchase some truly wonderful and sometimes practical art.
Last year the rains caused flooding that impacted the crowd. I doubt it could be as bad this year. Check under Marsh Madness 2012.
Also upcoming is the Indiana Artisan Marketplace march 31,April 1.
Orchard in Bloom will be April 30,31 and may 1.
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