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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Talbot street art fair

I am preparing to exhibit my handmade rustic bentwood willow furniture at the 57th Talbot Street art Fair June 9-10. My booth will be 231,at the southeast corner of 17th and Talbot in Indianapolis. This fair is FREE and one of the most well-attended art fairs I have attended. Perfect weather last year yielded record attendance, perhaps as many as 70,000. The fair showcases a large number of artists from around the country as well as familiar local artists, and there is always something new. There are a large number of talented artists who produce art for the garden as well as fine art for the home. The crowd at Talbot is perhaps the most diverse and interesting of all the shows I do. It is not unusual to see patrons with large parrots on their shoulders, people on rollerblades being towed by a brace Of Irish wolfhounds,elderly punk rockers with extreme Mohawks, as were as the usual patron you would see at any art event in Indy. It is always a pleasure to catch up with fellow artists and previous customers. I sell some of my items there, but I also try to encourage people to visit my Rustic furniture shop at 702 Main street in Lapel, which is just a short drive northeast. Please come out and see us!
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