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Monday, June 25, 2012

Lapel Village fair

Coming up rapidly is the Lapel Village fair July 13-14-15. I will host my 18th open house during the village fair and I invite everyone to visit. The Village fair has good food vendors, notably the Lions club with their wonderful local grown corn roasted to perfection. Another vendor features wonderful walleye sandwiches. A parade at 3:30 on Sunday will feature a wonderful family friendly parade. My friend and fellow craftsman Joe Green will be in my workshop working on leather bags and walking sticks. Another friend, Bruce Neckar will also be displaying his wildlife paintings and prints, and all works will be for sale. As always, I will be displaying my handcrafted rustic bentwood willow furniture along with the newest collaborative creations with my friend and fellow Indiana Artisan John Bundy, famous for his hand carved duck decoys. John has come up with some wonderful table tops of exotic Indiana tiger maple that he stains with a secret process. They rest upon rustic maple, willow and corkscrew willow bases that I make. Local Country singer Doug Anderson will do an evening concert on Friday night. Main street is shut down and people promenade up and down the streets sampling foods and greeting each other. There are a number of rides, bounce houses, a petting zoo. You can contact for details. Please stop in and see us!!! On the wildlife front, I have been seeing the great crested flycatchers at Lafayette Trace Park tending their babies across the river in the hollow of a sycamore tree. I have also seen fox sparrows in the meadow along the creek. It is nice to spice up the summer with some uncommonly seen birds. I have also been seeing soft-shell turtles along Stony creek at the pilgrim road bridge. I have seen soft shells and snappers at the prarie Baptist bridge over Stony Creek. It is very interesting to observe these most ancient creatures in their natural habitat. Adding to the interest is the sight of our resident groundhog emerging from under my storage shed at home.
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