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Monday, October 8, 2012

Fire in the stove

After a cold weekend at the Gaither's, it was good to sit by the fire at the shop.I have tons of firewood that is clogging the workspace at the shop. I am finished with shows for the year. I retrieved my huppah/arbor from Indy and it was a successful wedding. This is the fifth arbor I have done this year. This week I also will retrieve some of my handmade rustic willow furniture from a home that has been for sale in Oaklandon. I have done a couple of home stagings with Kate McCarty, and they seem to help sell the homes. It is very flattering to have my stuff in such nice settings. It is time to batten down the hatches for winter. I am ready to put my bird feeders out and take the hummingbird feeder down. I have been seeing and hearing Savannah sparrows at Lafayette trace. They look very much like song sparrows,only lighter in color. I went to Geist Park on the way back today and saw a large number of yellow-rumped warblers. I also have seen a lot of tree swallows flying low over Morse reservoir after the cold front roared through. They must have been pushed down from the north. When I was at Geist park, I was looking at the half moon that was visible in the daylight, and I saw swallows that were flying very high, perhaps a couple of thousand feet. They were so high I was not able to see them with the naked eye. I could see lots of them with my 22x binoculars. Last week was a good one for sales in the shop, and I will soon begin a new run of frames to get ready for the spring. The shop is open 11-5 Wednesday through Sunday through October. I will begin taking off on Sundays beginning in November.
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