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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Groundhog Day

Groundhog day has come and gone again. It is always a watershed day for me in that spring will soon be here. Even in the comfort of a warm home with plenty to eat and entertainment galore, we still get cabin fever and long for an end to the hardships of winter. It is amazing that past generations had far fewer comforts and faced great hardships, starvation and disease and were often not sure that winter would ever end. I can imagine ice age peoples for whom it scarcely did end. Had a great time with the Poison River Boys at the Judge Stone house and the Nickel plate guys. I met Bruce Neckar's friend, Indiana author Larry Sweazy and we hit it off. Bruce will have a display of his bird prints opening at the Cicero library February 13 and The Poison River Boys will play there also and again at another event at the Tipton library March 16. Had several visitors to the shop and finished a willow inlaid top for Brad McQueen from Hickory Designs. I am always flattered to be a part of his projects. He has another for me to start next week. Been burning up firewood at an incredible rate and cutting up some maple saplings I gathered last week into legs for a new run of tables and stools. I have a pile of curly willow outside waiting to be bundled. This was my fourth van load. I have three more trees ready to be trimmed, and I will do some of them this next week. The deadline of March 1 is RAPIDLY approaching. I will be glad when the Flower an Patio show will be over and I will be able to return to my retired lifestyle.
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