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Saturday, February 9, 2013


This morning I toured my regular haunts in hopes of hearing a redwing blackbird or a buzzard or a flock of Sandhills, but nothing. Last year at this time I had seen all three. I did see a skunk that was dead in the middle of the road and driving by put me in the plume of his smell, and it really was the smell of spring. His fur was spectacularly white and black. He could easily have been a pampered show skunk. I have often marveled at the fact that they seem to be attracted to the yellow dash lines in the middle of the road. We have had them cross our yard at times when our window is open and it is enough to make your eyes water. We have had them on our patio eating the sunflower seeds, but not yet this year. Linda did say she saw a very large possum on our patio the other night. I had fifteen visitors to the shop today and sold a number of items, a good day. The sun was shining and the wind was down and I was able to have the door open. I finished most all of the curly willow and I will trim another on Monday. I will soon start on cutting some red twig dogwood, as I have noticed that their color has just recently turned much redder. I guess it is due to the warmer sunnier days. I am in the process of planning my booth for the Indiana artisan marketplace April 5-6-7. I will not be doing a demonstration this year as I was requested to give some other artisans a chance as they are only allowing twelve demonstrations. I am thinking of doing a large corkscrew willow canopy bed and room setting instead of my usual retail sales oriented booth. It will be an opportunity to break away from the usual and challenge me to go in a little different direction. I look forward to getting back to making some handmade rustic willow furniture.
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