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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Big Hat Gallery

Picked up my handmade rustic furniture that had been on display at the Judge Stone headquarters of the Nickel Plate Arts gallery as a part of their Love, Lust and Poetry show. My buddies, fellow artists Bruce Neckar and John Reynolds were there and we made plans to meet at the Big Hat Gallery in Broad Riple later. They were all loaded up with a van full of paintings. I took my stuff back to the shop, unloaded it and loaded a different assortment of Handmade Rustic Furniture tables to be on display at the Big Hat Gallery. Bruce has wangled a show featuring art from himself, John Reynolds, me and John Bundy to be on display during the opening and signing for the new book Snapper by Brian Kimberling. We are loosely calling ourselves the Nickel Plate Boys. This gallery is upstairs from the lovely Big Hat Bookstore. It is a recreated Victorian Mansion adjacent to the Monon trail at 6510 Cornell.

The Nickel Plate Boys. . .
Bruce Neckar

John Bundy

John Reynolds
Greg Adams
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