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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


When I was a kid, I went with my dad fishing for crappies and hunting for mushrooms at Luxhaven, on Florida road just outside Fortville. I remember that there were more frogs there than anywhere I have ever been. I remember the whole area being flooded and getting separated from my dad and his buddies and seeing things as if I were isolated in the wild bayous.

Today I went to Luxhaven, where Geist park is now. I have walked the trail there many times and it is always wild and full of life, but today there were several cars parked there so I entered the woods far from the trail, hoping to find mushrooms. No luck, but I did se a number of warblers, vireos and turtles. I walked the opposite shore from what I usually see, wild and with no tracks but those of large deer. The whole area is a series of oxbows which are teeming with aquatic life. The day was warm and after I realized that there were no mushrooms, my walk was more leisurely.

I had just visited someone on Geist who wanted me to build a screen to cover their pool hardware and I went to Anderson after that to run my traps at Hickory designs. Brad had a check for me for the last project I had done for him and a large load of fabric that he was getting rid of along with the usual take of firewood.

I returned to the shop and had a few visitors who bought a couple of trellises. I need to get out tomorrow to get enough willows to make trellises at Orchard in Bloom. The day was so lovely all I wanted to do was sit in the doorway, drink beer and watch the world go by.
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