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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring trip to Knott's well

I picked up a load of handmade rustic furniture which has been on display at Everyday Artisan in Westfield since June. The gallery has ceased operation, as have a number of other galleries in Westfield. I have seen quite a few galleries in our area go under in the last few years.

After I unloaded at the shop, I was visited by Mary Beth Hughes who operates Rosies Nursery on College Avenue in Indy. She bought a load of curly and pussywillow and ordered some trellises. She is a wonderful friendly person I have gotten to know from setting up next to her at shows. She and her family operate one of the best nursury and garden centers in the area.

I then went to Knott's well after dropping off some completed doors for one of Brad McQueen's pieces at his workshop in Anderson and picking up a load of his scrap. He is making barstools at full speed as he has been for months for an order for a Western restaurant chain. It was nice to visit this beautiful spot near Frankton. I heard the first frogs of the season, a wonderful and hopeful sound after a long winter. The frogs were calling despite the fact that it was only about 42 degrees. I ran out of water last week and filled up all my empty bottles. The water had remained sweet and fresh all winter. The taste of water from this well is unlike any I have visited. It does not have a sulfurous taste. It does have a slight limestone taste, which sets it apart. I was glad to spend about an hour filling up my bottles and felt refreshed by the experience, as always. The pussywillows I planted some years ago there have grown quite large and were in beautiful full bloom. Soon they will flower and provide the first nectar and pollen for the bees, who have had such a hard time lately. I returned to the shop and sat by the fire.

At the end of the day, I took a large display shelf over to John Bundy. He will use it to display his ducks this weekend at the Third Indiana Artisan Marketplace. He was inducted into Indiana Artisan this year after relentless goading by me. It was nice to sit by his fire for a while and drink a beer and plan for the upcoming busy weekend. We will be across from each other at the show.

After several busy days in a row, with lots of physical activity, I felt better than I have for a while, shaking off Winter's torpor.
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