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Thursday, June 27, 2013

New arbor on the planet

Finished up my latest arbor today. Looks good. It is always nice to expand the number of permanent installations. I am getting to the point where I am pushing seventy and have no business doing such things, but I love the challenges!

Heard the first locust or "cicada" today. That really means summer is bugs or varies are here as well. I saw a great crested flycatcher at Lafayette Trace park sitting about a foot from the hole where he had his nest last year. I did not see him go in, as some kayakers came up, but I saw enough to believe that he or she was the same one I saw last year. I only heard one WHEEP! call in about fifteen minutes, so I believe that that the call is meant as a relief call from one parent to another. I also heard a yellow billed cuckoo in the distance. My busy schedule has kept me from wildlife observations lately. Summer is the hardest time to see birds as there is so much cover. I am getting ready for the Lapel festival and my own open house July 12-13-14. I hope to see lots of new people there and lots of old friends.

I will return to Paynesville, Ohio for my granddaughter Kayci's graduation party. After this weekend, I have some other projects to look forward to, and I always have production items for upcoming shows to work on.

I will get out and cut a big load of willows to get my production going. It is nice and breezy with the. New screens my landlord has put in.

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