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Friday, October 25, 2013

Another eagle

Yesterday while watching sparrows at Lafayette Trace Park, I saw the unmistakable white head and tail of an eagle, this time moving up the river, following the corridor just as I had seen earlier on october 8. Just a quick glimpse. My buddy Bruce says there are a pair nesting along the river near Claree, where he lives.

The sudden change in the jet stream bringing cold weather has also brought juncos to my bird feeders. They love to clean up the area of my patio where the racooms spill sunflower seeds. I also saw tree sparrows yesterday. Cardinals were thick at LT. I counted a flock of 25-30. I saw a large flock of what I think were rusty blackbirds mixed with redwings and starlings feeding on grain. They were urgently feeding on grain spills, which makes me think they had migrated in from the cold of the north. I have been seeing large boluses of black birds and the air is full of the song of the redwings. White crowned sparrows are more and more common.

At the shop it is nice to have the stove going to clear up some unorganized firewood. Ihavebeen working on a run of 16 8x10 birchbark frames at the same time I am applying bark to one of the two shelves I salvaged from heavy trash day. The frames were made of thin plywood strips discarded by Hickory designs. It is gratifying to me to produce something useful from som thing that just a short time ago was trash headed for the landfill. Heat for the shop is provided by wood that I am unable to find a practical use for.
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