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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trip to Fort Wayne

Made a high speed run up I69 to Fort Wayne to deliver some new stock to the Paradigm Gallery at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art today. I do not normally travel the interstates, but I had only a little time to spare today. Usually, I would meander in the general direction of Fort Wayne and maybe find a remote road or place to have lunch that I have never encountered before. The weather left all the secondary roads looking pretty slick, so I bit the bullet and hurtled along among the trucks and the texting drivers. There was evidence that cars and trucks had recently slid off the road in probably a hundred places. Signs were down, fences were torn down all along the road.

Anyway, I dropped of a load of handmade rustic willow furniture to be displayed in the gallery and took a quick spin through the museum. It is always a treat to hang out with Abby. She has been so supportive of my work. I am very flattered to have my handmade rustic willow furniture in such a high class place.

After I got back to the shop, I unloaded the items Abby sent back and grabbed my buckets and ran over to Hickory Designs as I do every Tuesday to pick up their scraps.

It seems like we are going to have an old-fashioned cold ass winter. I have been staying pretty close to the fire inthe shop. I have to go to Union City Friday to pick up my handmade rustic willow furniture that has been on display there for the last month. I will also slip over to Troy, Ohio to deliver a Christmas order.

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