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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bundy Ducks at Frankfort Library Christmas Art Show Nov. 7-8-9

John Bundy's famous hand carved duck decoys will be available for purchase at the 34th annual Christmas Art Show at the lovely Frankfort Library Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. This will be a good chance to see American Folk Art decoys that are in the collections of US presidents, prime ministers, kings as well as ordinary people throughout the world.

John will have Fifteen decoys as a part of the Nickel Plate Boys display at the library along with willow furniture and birchbark picture frames by Greg Adams(me), wonderful wildlife drawings by Bruce Neckar and oil paintings of domestic animals by John Reynolds.

See previous Blog entry for further details.

Hand Carved Duck Decoys by John Bundy:

Birchbark Picture Frames by Greg Adams:

Redheaded Woodpecker by Bruce Neckar:

Rooster by John Reynolds:

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