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Friday, March 20, 2015

Lewisville spring Bazaar at the Houston Brick Community Center

Yesterday I took my handmade rustic willow furniture to Lewisville to set up for the annual Spring Bazaar. I was invited by my good friends Tom and Sue Saunders years ago after the lovely former National Road tavern/inn/hotel was restored. This building was rescued from oblivion by determined and hardworking volunteers and it shines as a destination along the historic National road. It serves as the utility office and community Center for Lewisville. It was originally built by a relative of Sam Houston in 1845. The authentic feel of the building takes you back to the day of the national migration west. Several times I have done demonstration outside and I could really imagine wagons heading west in those very different times.

The bazaar takes place in the Spring, in the fall and near Thanksgiving. Local artists and crafters attend and the quality and reasonable prices are worth a look. There is a Friday preview tonight (March 20) from 6-8 pm, with a 3$ charge, and FREE from 9-5 Saturday March 21nd and Sunday March 22nd from 10-4. I will also have fresh bundles of pussywillows that can bring a touch of Spring to your home.

The Houston Brick, as it is fondly known, is at the intersection of US 40 and highway 103, just east of Knightstown and south of New Castle. I heartily recommend driving through Knightstown, Dunreith and east of Lewisville to Cambridge City and Centerville. There are quite a few shops in this area and attractions such as the Huddleston farmhouse and the Vinton hotel. This is a good way to experience the history of early Indiana.

Fortuitously, on the way back home I stopped by my favorite sawmill in Knightstown and was able to pick up a load of scrap wood, enough to fill my van. I like it when I am able to accomplish two goals in one trip.

The weather was mild, but the only signs of life were the emerging silver maple blossoms and groups of grackles.

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