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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pussywillows at the Indiana Artisan Marketplace

This coming weekend, March 28-29, I will bring my usual selection of Handmade Rustic Willow Furniture to the Expo Hall at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. As a part of my booth, I will include freshly gathered bunches of Pussywillows, which while not handmade by me, are hand gathered by me and have proven very popular with the public. I have for years gathered pussywillows from trees that I have targeted for cultivation, which makes them grow especially straight and full.

I also utilize sections of white birch and hickory branches that have holes drilled in them and are able to hold an arrangement of pussywillow stems that make a small easily displayed accent to bring a touch of Spring to your home.

I also have made a selection of wreathes made from especially long pussywillows stems.

I make a selection of wooden vases covered with fabric,leather and birchbark that will hold a bunch of pussywillows or other accents.

I will be doing a continuous demonstration of finishing some of these vases as well as birchbark and leather picture frames during the show.

I will set up my Handmade Rustic Willow furniture and demonstration area next to my friends Jim Prather from Hardscrabble and John and Jason Bundy from Perkinsvlle.

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