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Friday, April 3, 2015

Loons again at Morse Lake

I slid by the beach area at Morse Lake yesterday in hopes of seeing loons. I had seen a few each day as I crossed the bridge on 206th st. I counted fifteen, in the same place I had frequently seen as many a thirty in past years. The water is deeper here and they were busy diving to catch shad.

There is a nice little swing that overlooks this area adjacent to the playground and I sat watching them. It was a stark contrast to the cold windy days of the winter. Normally they stay well off the shore, but one emerged from a dive very close to me, as close as I have ever been to one. Of course, I did not have my camera, but I was able to view him very well through my binoculars in the comfort of the swing. I heard one give it's mournful call for the first time I can recall. I had only heard it in movies before.

Later I saw a flock of cormorants farther north, perhaps 25. I have also been seeing swans that seen to return to nest.

Along highway 19, in a small pond just south of 206th street, I saw a flock of a dozen shovelers.

I made my way to the shop where I prepared a load of large willows to be taken to Zionsville where customer is constructing a living pergola. The rest of the day was spent rearranging my retail display. It was very nice to have the doors open.

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