Monday, May 18, 2015


This spring has been very busy in the shop as I have received several commissions and have had a number of exhibitions going.

The Indiana Artisans furniture Guild exhibition at the Judge Stone House in Noblesville has had several events and the show will remain in place until the end of May. This show has my work as well as the work of five other Indiana furniture makers. Our six different styles range from my rustic nailed stick furniture to the highly milled work of Peter Falk and George Abiad. Daren Coleman has highly imaginative and intricate creations. Pete Baxter makes shaker style bandboxes in the traditional way and Andy Cole incorporates the shapes and color of the wood he selects into highly organic massive tables, chairs, and cabinets.

Each artisan follows a different path in using nature's wood to form utilitarian objects reflecting their personal vision. I am proud to be part of this group of highly skilled and creative artists. The exhibition is free and open to the public. See the Nickel plate website for details.

I just took down my display of my handmade rustic furniture at Bear's Mill in Greenville, Ohio. John Bundy's ducks were a part of this show which ran for six weeks. This was our second exhibition there and Bear's Mill has become our favorite venue. New artists are featured every six weeks, a novel approach that has proven very successful.

I also have one of my mirrors on display at the Cultural Arts Gallery at IUPUI as a part of the HANDS: Shaping Our World exhibition that also runs through May. My mirror is displayed in a very unconventional way that was inspired when it was placed on a table in preparation to being hung. As a result of striking image of the mirror on the table, it was arranged on a table for the display and appears as a reflecting pool.I am likewise proud to be part of the art done by many younger artists in this vibrant urban space, an extreme departure from the more traditional 1845 feel of Bear's Mill or The Judge Stone House.

As a part of my trip to Bear's Mill, I delivered eleven birchbark picture frames to the Arts Depot to be used to display a series of portraits of Appalachian people photographed by Director Vicki Vardaman. The Arts Depot is a restored train depot in Union City. I have been part of their christman exhibition for the last three years and will be at their second art show in September. This show will feature music from local musician Rick Derringer, one of my personal favorites. Rick formed the McCoys of Hang on Sloopy fame, and was an influential producer and sideman for Johnny Winter and others. It will be quite a treat.

The natural world has had to take a back seat. I found no mushrooms this year despite good weather and several hunts.I have seen nighthawks while at the Judge Stone House and saw an orchard oriole and baby wood ducks yesterday near Locke Drain on 196th street. A robin has built a nest in the transom about the front door of my shop.

I hope to do some fishing this week as I will finish the last of my outstanding commissions.

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