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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bear's Mill reconfigured

Although a beautiful fall day can make a visit to Bear's Mill Fall Open house wonderful, yesterday was not one of those days. Frigid temperatures with high winds and blowing rain made outdoor activities impossible. The usually popular fire pit could not be used in the wind and rain. Likewise it was impossible for John Bundy and I to set up our tent and outdoor display of rustic furniture and duck decoys.

However, thanks to Terry Clark's resourcefulness, we were able to take our stuff up a ladder to the second floor of the mill. The wonderful bluegrass band set up in the gallery and warm chili and treats were readily available and lots of loyal supporters of Bear's Mill showed up.

We enjoyed the challenge of adapting to conditions and were able to create a nice display upstairs. It is not heated but it was out of the wind and we were were able to take advantage of good lighting to display our wares.

Today's weather looks to be better, but the show goes on and Bear's mill is always a treat. Come upstairs and spend some time with us!
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