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Friday, October 7, 2011

Last wading of the season

Went fishing at the Perkinsville access on the white river this afternoon about three o'clock. I had a couple of dozen night crawlers that were going to go bad pretty soon and this looked like it was going to be the last warm enough day to go wading, so I gave in to temptation and went. Caught a few little smallmouth and a few rock bass. the water was clearer than it has been all summer. No one else was there and the light on the gravel beneath the rushing river was lovely. No big ones this year and today was all little guys, but they were out there and responding to my night crawler.I am a peckerwood fisherman, not like my fly fishing friends.
There may be other days I can fish' but wading is over for the year. I will miss immersing myself in the fishes world on the hot summer days when wading is not so cold. Took me a while to warm up!
No birds in sight. The migration looks like it is over.
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