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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Summit Lake

Went to Summit Lake before swinging by a couple of sawmills where I get some of my wood for benches and firewood. Beautiful sunny day. Stopped along the road where I have seen loons before. I ate my ham sandwiches from Sparkys Dog House in Sulfur Springs.A real treat. After a little while I saw a loon surface, and the another and another.Wonderful to see loons against the background of sparkling water and the colorful foliage on the south bank.
I also saw a couple of cormorants and hundreds of coots.
Normally many other species of ducks are around, but not today. Further into November after a big storm, more species will be there.Summit if unique in that you can drive by a number of locations where you can use your vehicle as a blind and with powerful binoculars you can observe them without disturbing them.There is a permanent blind where you can also watch. There are few people there at any time of year, but from now through the spring, it is virtually deserted.
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