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Thursday, November 10, 2011


I saw my first tree sparrow and junco yesterday. These birds signal the beginning of winter. I will be shoveling hickory stubs into my blazing wood stove today. Frost is all over the field behind my home and howling winds have stripped the leaves from the trees. November always seems to be the end of the year for me. I will spend the time near my stove and will review the successes and failures of the past year and plan for the coming spring. It will only be a short time until the leaves are off the curly willows (they are the last to loose their leaves). I will spend December,January,and February cutting and bundling curly willows for zthe coming season.I will trim 5 or 6 large curly willows during this time and march will bring my annual cutting of pussy willows.
Though winter always seems long and harsh, I always enjoy seeing the landscape filled with snow while I am cheered by sitting by my fire, perhaps in the company of my friends.
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