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Friday, December 2, 2011

Morse lake eagle

Yesterday as I cruised by Morse lake beach, I saw the unmistakeable shape of a bald eagle flying above the beach. He lit in a large cottonwood tree and I slowly approached in my van. He did not take off as I got out and slowly approached. I managed to get a good shot with my camera before he did take off. I had seen another eagle, ( or this one) the day before. There were still lots of horned grebes, and Ruddy ducks but only a couple of loons.
I stoped again on my way home, but no eagle. There was a guy with a long lens at the beach area taking photos and I recognized from his vw van that he had been there a couple of times before. It is good to see that other birders are out there.
I also have been fascinated by the tenacity of the frisbee golfers at the adjacent frisbee course throughout the cold nasty weather of the last few weeks. I guess they may think we birders are weird.
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