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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Morse lake update

Morse lake continues to be a hot spot for waterfowl. I stopped by each morning this week, and continue to see loons, but the numbers are going down. I stopped to talk to Kevin Wykoff, who had a spotting scope zeroth in on an eagle. He also let me look through his scope to see a good sized group of ruddy ducks.There are still a lot of horned grebes and the swans are still around. Geoff Davis has written about his friends photographs of waterfowl at Morse. The photos are on Geoff's blog 50 Little birds and they are fabulous. It just goes to show that even in a very, very developed area, quality wildlife experiences are out there. It is easy for me and other local birders to swing by morning and evenings and see what is up. Of course, it helps to be retired.
I also stopped by Barnes and Noble to pick up a book for my wife, and talked to Bruce Neccar, who showed me some of his new work. It is always good to see Bruce.
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