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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I spent the day harvesting pussy willows and some regular willows to take to Linton this weekend for the Marsh Madness show in Linton. This is a small art fair aimed at the serious birders who come to Goose pond just outside Linton. Whooping cranes have been seen at this location over the last few years. Goose pond is along the eastern migrational route that has been established with captive breeding program.
I saw a large flock of a 100 or so cowbirds between Anderson and Lapel.
As always happens when I am doing my pussywillow thing, I saw several flocks of Sandhill cranes. This always makes me feel connected to the earth as if my patterns are linked to the patterns of other creatures. I also scared up a Snipe of a woodcock at Lafayette trace park near Perkinsville. I believe it was more likely to have been a snipe as I have seen snipe there more than anywhere else I have ever been.
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