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Friday, February 24, 2012


Signs of spring are everywhere despite blustery weather. I have been seeing more and more buzzards, redwings are calling and displaying from the tops of trees, and I saw some grackles yesterday. They are on of my favorite birds. Their yellow eyes and irridescence give the a middle earth surrealistic look. I love to watch them patrol my back yard, intelligence on display.
Haven't heard the spring peepers yet.
The pussywillows are gradually coming out and I will soon be out gathering them.
The spring shows are also coming up.
I will join my buddies Geoff Davis, Bruce Neckar, John Bundy, and Paul Van Duyn at the Marsh Madness show in Linton, followed by Indiana Artisan and Orchard in Blom.
The winds are howling today and the sky is a very dark gray.
I am sad to say that Anthony Padgett is closing his wonderful Gallery at Clay Terrace. I have never been in a gallery that displayed my work better.the location seemed to be can't miss, but it just goes to demonstrate how harsh economic conditions are right now.
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