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Thursday, February 2, 2012


One of the most wonderful things I get to experience every spring is the first flight of Sandhills I hear or see. Today I was cutting corkscrew willows just south of Markleville from a tree I radically trimmed last year during the snows of last winter. As always, you hear them first, and hAve to really strain to see them flying high. There were 45 going north. I have yet to see or hear a redwing. As Geoff Davis says, they are the first sing of spring and if Geoff saw one today, we will all be seeing them this week. Groundhog day is always a watershed day in some pagan sort of way to remind us that if spring is not over, it will be soon. It will not be long till I will start cutting pussywillows, the first sign of spring for me.
John Bundy, Geoff D. Avis, Bruce Neccar and I will be at the annual Marsh Madness in Linton Indiana at the art show that will take place in conjunction with the birding event that saw lots of people seeing whooping cranes and plecans in and about Goose Pond just south of Linton. Goose pond is a state wildlife area that has become a part of the Mississippi flyway and birders fro all over have been flocking there. The art show is a place where people can buy wildlife art-related art.
Last year was plagued with terriffic flooding. Hopefully this year will be better. Come see us at the community center in the middle of Linton. Marsh Madness has a wonderful website! Tune in.
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