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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Indiana flower and patio show

Thankfully, i did not have to be present for the 96 hours of the nine day show. I did have to be the one to come up with nearly 1100 bundles of pussywillow, corkscrew willow and red twig dogwood. All these would make quite a large pile. The curly willows were gathered from December to march from 5 corkscrew willow trees.
The redtwig dogwoods were gathered in February,and the pussywillows were gathered in the very small window from march 1 to march 14. The season for pussywillows is usually three weeks. This year due to the extremely warm weather, the season was shortened by a week.
It seems that I worked at the pussywillow factory,trimming and bundling the stems with twine.
I am always glad that such intense activity required to meet this challenge is over for another year. Now I can get back to my leisurely days at my shop.

There are new challenges ahead, but none are as intense.

The Indiana artisan Marketplace is coming up march 31-April 1 at the Expo hall at the fairgrounds. This will be my third show this year at the fairgrounds and it sometimes seems that I work there. The staff recognize me after many years of doing shows there. They are always friendly and helpful.

Ipicked up the dregs of the show today, a scant 35 bundles of willows.
I spent the day rearranging the chaos of my shop and it feels good to bring my surroundings into more harmony. I was able to sit and drink a beer,listen to my wind chimes tinkling, and talk leisurely with people visiting the shop, without them having to wade through piles of pussy willows.
The people of Lapel seem to wonder about the intensity of my activity over the last few weeks.

I look forward to doing some fishing and birding in the wonderful spring weather.
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