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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Warm days on Main street

The wonderful spring weather and the close of the intensity of the pussywillow season lured me to Summit lake to do a little fishing, but no bites.
I was able to reconfigure my display area and I am ready to greet customers who wander in or have planned to come due to information they have received at shows. I am getting ready for Indiana Artisan Marketplace, Orchard in Bloom, and Talbot street.
I was able to restock Gallery 116 in Fishers after stalling them for a long time.
I just got word from my friend Brad McQueen of Hickory Furniture Designs in Anderson, that he has confirmed a contract for 58 large mirrors that will go to a hotel in Idaho. I will do the birchbark and trim work on them. This will be a large undertaking.
Iwas able totake a walk at one of my favorite places, Geist park on Florida road just outside Fortville. The park have a nice little path along Fall creek. Igot the closest look I have ever had of a bufflehead. This park is a good place for spring warblers as the Fall Creek corridor is continuously wooded from Indy to Pendleton. I remember boyhood days fishing and hunting mushrooms there with my dad in the Fifties, before any development of Geist. I remember seeing great numbers of frogs, turtles and snakes.
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