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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring at morse

Saw 5 loons at morse this morning. They seemed to be frolicking while feeding, diving and chasing each other.
Chipping sparrows all over, Tennessee warblers, yellow rumps, towhees, swallows, robins fighting like tigers. A robin got in my shop and finally found his way out, but cracked a window. A cardinal also got in and I ran him down and caught him, but he bit me pretty hard.
Crawdads al over the roads, I got a few off, but most were crushed by cars.

Getting ready for the Indiana Artisan Marketplace. I will make trellises while at the show. Orchard in Bloom also coming up April 27-28-29. This is always a wonderful spring event. Send me an email and I can forward information to you.
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