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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hancock county rock bass

Went down to uncle Joe's in southeastern Hancock county, my home county. Fished Sixmile creek and a little part of Blue river. Caught five keeper rock bass that are now waiting in my freezer. One was perhaps a pound and a half. The Indiana and World, yes world record, set in 1969 for rock bass comes from Sugar creek, just a short distance away from where I was fishing. I also pulled a couple of smallmouth, a two pounder and a one pounder from a little hole where I had previously caught a dozen rock bass last year. My favorite spot has been messed up by a large fallen walnut tree that has blocked the hole. Hopefully someone will cut this tree up for the wood. It will take 6-8 feet of flood to move it along. I did get a chance to checkout some spots that I had not fished before. The water is very much down due to the drought, but it is very clear and I could watch the smallmouth cycling around their hole. Lovely. Bird of the day was red headed woodpecker. I saw two. Their pure white wings are a joy to see. Only see them in full summer. Not many of them out there. One of the things that was difficult to get used to was the shadows of buzzards flashing over me while I was fishing on the Blue river.I always remember seeing buzzards there as a kid, trees full of them. Of course the Hancock county dump is right there. Blue river has many picturesque areas, but where I was fishing is marred by tons of broken concrete with rebar protruding that has been dumped along the bank. Rednecks have littered the banks with trash and dump every conceivable thing in what could be a lovely place. No more fishing for a while. I worked my shift at the Artist on the Square gallery in Noblesville today. I worked on the sidewalk in front of the shop, making trellises and stars and finishing some leather vases. Friday I will load up my rustic willow furniture to set up at the Talbot street art fair, an event I always look forward to. It will be great to catch up with my farflung artist buddies and patrons. I always get a lot of people who have bought my handmade rustic willow furniture over the years an come back for more or to update me on how their pieces are faring.
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