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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Talbot street review

After two thirteen hour days at Talbot street, plus loading and unloading to go and come back, things in Lapel are back to quiet. Took the day off yesterday and today after I unloaded and went fishing at Lafayette trace Yesterday and Perkinsville today. Caught a few rock bass and a couple of smallmouth at LT and some great big ones at Perkinsville. One about four pounds, a three pounder and some smaller ones, pulled out of a small little hole by some driftwood in a picture perfect pool with an overhanging sycamore tree. Too soon I ran out of night crawlers and wished so much I had some more!!! Put some stress on my little ultralite, but it was a great pleasure to finally land the magnificent wonderfully colored bass. Threw all of them back without injury. I wish I had a way to tag them to see if I catch them again. The shady pool up to my waist was lovely after the hot dusty steets of Talbot street. Although I love displaying and talking about my handcrafted rustic willow furniture to thousands of urbanites, the weekend was enough. Sales were not great but they were good and I managed to sell a table John Bundy and I collaborated on. He does the top and I do the bottom and the highly finished tiger maple top is a perfect compliment to my rustic willow, sugar maple and curly willow base. Together they make a unique combination. This table was immediately snapped up by a Meridian street lady for her new cabin in Pentwater, Michigan. I was also able to sell several of my upholstered rustic stools of leather and fabric as well as a number of pieces of driftwood, a Talbot street tradition. Next will be the Lapel Village fair and my 18th annual open house featuring leatherwork and walking sticks of Joe Green, as will as the painting and prints of Bruce Neckar. Stay tuned for more in later posts.
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