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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Breaking loose

This summer for most artists/craftspeople has been long periods of no sales reflective of the economic conditions. My business as been steady, but somewhat small items, birdhouses, corkscrew willow bunches. But suddenly last thursday, three customers came in within an hour and bought 750$ worth of large pieces. Friday, nothing. Today, again within a couple of hours, mega purchases. No understanding of what is going on, out of the blue. The best three days I have had in ten years, and one day with no sales at all. The stock market is up, I missed the 45 cent gas increase on Thursday by a few minutes. Hopefully things are getting better. More people are hitting my blog. I wish I was able to put photos on. I see and am able to get so many cool wildlife photos with my new little nikon pocket camera, more than I was ever able to get when I had SLR's with 500mm lenses.Yesterday, I saw one of my favorite things, a marsh hawk over the marshy area just south of the stone quarry at Promise road and highway 38. She sailed effortlessly horizontally over the ground and I was sorry I didn't have the time to park and watch her and get some photos. Getting ready to do a fence in Anderson, and finishing up some birdhouses getting ready to take my handmade rustic willow bentwood furniture to the Country living fair September 14-15-16 in Columbus, Ohio. This has become truly a national show with wonderful attendance and sales. If there are no hurricanes as three years ago, we should do well. It does not look good for the bittersweet crop this year, but it is still five weeks away from harvest.
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