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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hot times in Lapel

I went back to read some jottings I had made during December of last year and it is difficult to believe that we live in such a different world during the hot summer drought. Even so, the fish have been biting and it feels wonderful to be waist deep in the White river tussling with angry smallmouth bass. The day after it rained, the river felt fresher and cleaner and the air sweeter. I just finished up a run of birdhouses made from the scraps gathered from Hickory Designs over several months. This run is of thirty-one. This allows for me to completely use up the scraps and be more efficient in their construction. This current phase is the trim, and I use the trimmings of willows from larger items like loveseats and chairs. All in all, it makes my efforts easier and more efficient, but the downsize is that it is a little boring. I am ready to move on to something new, which will be some leather covered jewelry/ keepsakes boxes. Unfamiliar territory, new problems to solve. The first will teach me what not to do and each one usually brings improvement. I have also done a wedding with one of my corkscrew willow arbors that I set up at Mounds Park in Anderson. I have two more scheduled for the summer. Yesterday brought three customers to my shop nearly simultaneously and resulted in the sale of four major pieces of my handmade willow rustic bentwood furniture. My friend Paul VanDuyn come by and drank a beer and we caught up about shows. He goes all over, State college, Pennsylvania, lexington,Kentucky. Makes me tired just hearing about it.he is a writer and a thinker and we are contemporaries with similar outlooks. He wrote an allegory about snowflakes that apply to children. His writing is always very soulful and moving and Thales to him for that. It made me think of my work with kids.
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