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Monday, August 20, 2012

Arbor at Milltop Center

Set up one of my wedding arbors at the Milltop Center in Noblesville. I rent arbors made from corkscrew willow. I rent arbors for weddings and I have been very busy this season, I set them up and then people can decorate them as they please and after the wedding and I take it down. I was also able to make it to Sparkys for a couple of ham sandwiches. I visited Provence Pond and finished up some trim work for Hickory designs. I have been seeing lots of great crested flycatchers. I saw on yesterday smacking a cicada on a branch to kill it. Kingfishers have been very active. I have been seeing more buckeye butterflies after the hot weather has ended. Tomorrow I will cut some more willows and start a new run of frames to make some more handmade rustic furniture. The country living fair is coming closer and closer and I will start cutting bittersweet September.
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