Friday, August 17, 2012

Late summer preparations

The recent sudden change in the weather has been such a blessing. Everyone is in such a better mood. Tomatoes are plentiful, life is good. I will be setting up my arbor at the beautiful Milltop center in Noblesville next week. I have arbors that are portable and can be taken inside or outside for weddings. People use their own creativity to decorate them with ribbons and flowers. I have done one at Brown county state park in the fall covered with bittersweet, one in the spring at the Mavris center in Indy,covered with pussywillows. I like the idea that lots of people seen and seem to appreciate them. The arbors provide a little break and sometimes a challenge after making my handmade rustic willow furniture. Sales have been good and I have run out of swings and now that the weather has moderated, the willows do not dry so quickly, remaining supple and pliable longer. It is also hot work cutting the saplings in the incredible heat we have had and I have avoided cutting, but sales are pushing me to build more swings, chairs and loveseats. I also need to cut a large load of moderate sized willows to take to the Country Living Fair in just a few weeks. There is a place where a landowner has several ponds and willows have grown up all around them. We have arranged a mutually beneficial deal where I cut the willows to provide them a view of their lovely ponds, and I get the willows. It will be a pleasure to return to the Ohio Village to set up my handmade rustic willow furniture under the old apple tree.This will be our fifth time there. We will be seeing vendors we see every year, as well as customers who return to see us every year. We always see new people and I am also always interested in where people are from. This year we have be getting hits on our blog and this is totally new for us. We do not have a website but we are able to email photos to you if you will email us at

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