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Friday, August 17, 2012

Corkscrew willow

I will be at my usual spot under the apple tree at the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio and will as usual be selling bundles of corkscrew willow. These bunches have been very popular and have sold well. My bunches range from 5$ to 50$. They are much more substantial than commercially available bunches, such as the very skimpy ones from Pier One.I gather them from trees which I find growing in people's yards as corkscrew willow is a hybrid that does not grow wild. People plant these trees they buy at nurseries and they grow fast, faster than any tree I have ever seen. The trees are often grown too close to houses or wires and are prone to damage by storms, particularly ice storms. I contact the owners and offer to trim the tree for free, with me removing all the cuttings. The larger pieces are used to build arbors and fences, the medium ones are used to trim my furniture, and the small ends with lots of curls and irregular branchings are made into bundles for sale as decorative accents. They are very popular as decorative accents and can me seen everywhere in decorator magazines and tv ads.They add a touch of the outside to your home. I also make vases trimmed with upholstery fabric, leather and birchbark, and the bunches look very good in these vases. I will have my booth well stocked with bunches this year, but I always run out, despite the fact that I bring a trailer full. This year I my be bringing pussywillows as well, also in bunches.
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