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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting ready for the country Living Fair

I have noticed quite a few hits from the Country Living vendor list, which is new for me. Last year, I had not started my blog and in September we got an IPad, I started the blog in October 2011. I still am unable to put photos on my blog, dinosaur that I am. At any rate, if you are coming to the Country Living show to see and perhaps purchase my handmade rustic furniture, please remember to bring a vehicle big enough to hold your purchases. There are lots of other wonderful things besides my stuff. I have often been in the situation where someone purchases a trellis or a chair and then wonders how they are going to get it into their small car with the three or four other people who came with them. Preparedness!! Bring your trucks!! I have just finished the first six treasure boxes, wooden leather covered hinged boxes with brass upholstery nails. They look very fifteenth century. They can be used for jewelry or keepsakes. The colors range from brown to red to tan.
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