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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Final preparations for Country Living

I have a shop full of bittersweet drying, its subtle fragrance spilling out the door. I am gradually getting everything organized to load up on Wednesday. My friends Bill and Kevin Huff from the Log Home center are gracious enough to allow me to use one of their trailers. This allows me to take my normal van load of handmade rustic willow furniture to Columbus for the seventh annual Country Living Fair, in addition to enough bittersweet, sumac and corkscrew willow bundles to last the three days of sales. Pre show sales of tickets are over four thousand and if good weather prevails, as it appears that it will, attendance should set a new record. Patrons of the show are very enthusiastic and There have been hundreds of queries through their well designed website directed to my blog, which is extremely helpful. Fairgoers should remember to bring cash or checks as we do not accept credit cards. Some vendors do accept cards, but we are dinosaurs who have never done so. Also, it is important to plan to have a way to haul your purchases. No, an eight foot tall trellis will not fit in your Honda, but if you have a rack on top of your vehicle, you are good to go. There is a tremendous variety of goods that you will not find anywhere else, so get it while you can. My shop is three hours away and though it is worth the trip, it is best to maximize your buying at the show and not regret not buying something and then having to deal with shipping and packing when you finally decide you want something you saw at the show. Many artists are from much farther away. We are excited to see a part of Columbus we have not explored before. We will be staying in Dublin.
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