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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gallery on the square in Danville

I was invited by Joan Kisner, to bring my handmade rustic willow furniture to her cooperative gallery in Hendricks county, 41 south Washington street in Danville. Joan is one of the original founders of the Talbot street Art fair hen she was nineteen. You do the math. It was a nice relaxing drive over to Danville,and Joan and her friends were very gracious and sweet to me. They reserved a wonderful place in the window for my furniture. My stuff looks very good in the sweet shop they have on the courthouse square. I also worked with my friend Darlene Patterson who had an open house today. She put some of my handmade rustic furniture on her back porch and it seemed to complement her pottery and photos and she showed me something on my camera that really enhanced my knowledge. I will take some of my stuff over to the Houston Brick in Lewisville in a few weeks and I may take some stuff to the Arts Depot in Union City for their holiday deal.I had stuff there last year and though sales were not great, it is wonderful place. It is the most wonderful old train depot that is all finished in wonderful wood. All the leaves are nearly gone except for the mulberries and they will all come down at once. November is hard upon us.
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