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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Summit Lake

Went to. summit Lake Tuesday to see if the big storm funneled migrating waterfowl into this desirable location. There were large rafts of coots, which I had seen the previous week, perhaps a thousand or more. I did see a loon, almost exactly the same date as last year. I saw several pie-billed grebes (what a stupid name). I saw one horned grebe, very pale and long necked. There were a few mallards and I saw a pair of gadwalls. Cormorants are around too. They seem to be almost permanent residents here. There is a lot of evidence of beaver activity all around The lake. There will probably be loons and horned grebes at Morse lake too. The shop seems almost empty with my handmade rustic willow furniture set up at the Gallery on the Square in Danville and at Darlene Patterson's home. The disaster on the east coast makes our lives here seem very fortunate indeed.
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