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Monday, December 3, 2012

Fort Wayne museum of art/Paradigm gallery

Took a leisurely drive up to Fort Wayne to take a third load of my handmade rustic willow furniture for Abby Weimerskirch to select from to put on display at the Paradigm Gallery which is the museum shop in the Fort Wayne museum of art. Abby has been enthusiastic about selling my stuff and contacted me to bring more which I did today. I traveled up through Elwood where I stopped for breakfast at Roby's (formerly Ceal's sandwich shop). I had forgotten how good their breakfast is. The last time I ate there was before I went mushroom hunting at the Missessinewa reservoir last May. Wonderful old school food with the same people working there. It was interesting to drive up highway 13 to see the hundreds of wind towers in the foggy conditions, with the large rotors slowly turning. I have seen numerous truckloads of the components going by my shop with a police escort as they are oversize. It is amazing to see the towers, which look so slender and to see the components on the trucks which seem so large. After leaving Fort Wayne, I drove south through the large empty area east of Bluffton. It was a treat to get back to driving on some unfamiliar roads, many of them gravel, which have left a fine spray of mud on my van. Saw lots and lots of sparrow hawks/kestrels which I have read are decreasing, but I still see lots along the back roads on the telephone wires. I then slid by Alexandria to the headquarters of Indiana Artisans to pick up one of the tiger maple tables that John Bundy and I have collaborated to build. The holiday season may allow us to sell some. I unloaded the stuff Abby did not select and stopped by Darlene Patterson's to pick up some of my handmade rustic willow furniture that she displayed during her open house. I then returned to the shop to unload to get ready to make a trip down to Indy to appear on Indy Style on Channel 8 at 9:00 tomorrow morning. Two hundred and sixty miles on the old van today. Tomorrow I will have to slug my way downtown to go to channel 8, reminding me of times I used to have to do this when I went to training for my former job. I feel for the commuters for whom this is an everyday deal.
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