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Monday, December 10, 2012

Grey Monday at Summit lake

Slid by Summit Lake on this cold grey day, of course grabbing a couple of Ham sandwiches at Sparky's on the way. I figured there might be some migrating waterfowl forced down by the cold and snow up north. Saw gadwalls,buffleheads, goldeneyes, lots of coots and some hooded mergansers. Looked like a couple of flights of slim, light colored ducks that might have been hooded mergansers, but the light conditions were very dim. Very gloomy day. It is amazing what a difference sun or no sun makes. We are close to the darkest evenings and the shortest days of the year. I will start on curly willows in Fishers tomorrow. I have just a couple of months to gather a large amount for the Flower and Patio show and Country Living show. These two shows will require that I bundle up several TONS of curly willows, plus whatever I will sell at other shows and at the shop. I have found it very nice and easy and cozy to sit by the fire in the shop, but I have the 24 foot ladder on top of my van and I am ready to get going. It is very physical and it is good to get out in the cold, fresh air and exert myself.
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