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Monday, January 28, 2013

End of January

The wild swings of weather that usually happen in February look like they are here. Overnight the warmer rains have disappeared the snow, but a warm swing will be followed by a cold one. We all will just have to adapt. I guess I love the changes in weather that Indiana is famous for. The only thing I do not enjoy are the grey dim foggy days that are coming up. Groundhog day is coming and I love the wonderfully pagan aspect of predicting the future using a critter. At least it is tied to nature and I don't think hallmark has a groundhog day section at CVS. My van is full of handmade rustic furniture that I will unload today at my shop. I have shows at the Judge Stone House and the Gallery on the Square in Danville that will be taken down this week, and I will have to cram all that stuff back into the shop. Saturday the Indie Vintage Marketplace at the fountains doubled the attendance and had thirty more vendors. It was a very savvy and upscale crowd. Sales for me were not that great,but my hope was to encourage interested patrons to visit mt shop. Winter is not a time for lots of sales, but the Spring usually bring people in as they think about their porches. Saw lots of friends at the show and John Bundy sold a few ducks. His wife Valarie sold quite a bit of her vintage stuff. The next show will be March 9 at the Fountains in Carmel before returning to Glendale for the spring and summer. I will not be able to be at the next Indie Vintage show,but John and Valarie will be there doubling up with their collectibles. My focus now will return cutting curly willows for the Flower and Patio show. I will need to grudgingly force myself to leave the seductive comfort of my wood stove and get cracking. I need to cut the curly willow before the leaves come out, and about March 1st I have about two or three weeks to gather as many pussywillows as I can. This is the most intense time limited thing I do all year as the pissywillows are only good for this brief period of time.
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