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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Indie Vintage at the Fountains

John Bundy and I loaded up his trailer to go to the Fountains in Carmel tomorrow. We will set up a large booth with his ducks, our collaborative tables and my Handmade Rustic Willow Furniture as well as collectibles that Valarie will set up. There should be a large crowd of enthusiastic buyers and it will be interesting to see all the other vendors with their collectibles and repurposed vintage antiques. The hours are 9-4 and the entry fee is 4$. The Fountains is on 126th street just west of Keystone. I saw eleven deer in one group today, and a lively red fox dashing into the woods. There have been lots of mallards in the open waters of the small creeks. I saw a large group of perhaps 150 doves flocking together, something I have never seen before.
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